Is Crowdsourcing the Future of Sustainability or a Tool For Economic Growth?

Resurrection of Gaia

Resurrection of Gaia by Billelis —


This essay was written in December 2013 as part of a collaborative project—Discourses to Foresight—from MA Innovation Management course from Central Saint Martins.

First we were asked to research Sustainability, to develop critical analyses of observations and insights and to present it to the whole year—our final solution for the future discourse of sustainability was ‘Crowdsourcing‘.

Then our task was to write an individual essay with our own critical opinion of the position developed by the team. As a democratic regime doesn’t necessarily mean unanimity, my standpoint is summarized in following writing.

A big thank you to my jolly team made of Lis, Keit, Mafe, MaruRichard, SaiSally & Sasa.

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